Monday, November 18, 2013

Cara Box Reveal!!

My friend Desiree has posted about her Cara Box(es?) before and I am always intrigued.  I looked into it more and was just in time to sign up for this last round!

First I want to say that just exploring the Cara Box Exchange brought back a TON of childhood memories... You are given the names and emails of two fabulous women (okay, maybe just my ladies were fabulous?!) and you are to get to know them - kind of like a modern day pen-pal! You get to know each other for a few weeks (6-8) and then at the end you send one a box full of fun items and the other sends you a box. Awesome concept right?!

I got paired with two of the best girls I could have asked for.  I only wish they were both local!!

Sarah is the wonderful woman who I was privileged to send a box to. She is the runner I aspire to be... maybe someday! Anyway, she is awesome and I encourage you al to go get to know her over at Love and Tantrums!

I was also paired with Kimmy ~ and she is also an amazing woman (she blogs at That's the Thing about Destiny)!  She grew up in Raytown, so is very familiar with Kansas City and is also a Chief's fan ~ yea!!

She sent me a really fun box full of fun things for myself and the kiddos.

She sent me some super fuzzy and warm sock/slippers.  I didn't get a picture of them before I put them on because I just couldn't wait! They were pink - my favorite!  Then there was a really fun fall kitchen towel - with owls ~ love it!

She sent a lot of fun things for the kiddos, too! Old Maid, a bead set and a very cool bus! Jameson loves everything with wheels, so this bus was awesome ~ you just had to push it a tiny bit and it would go on its own. Super fun for Jameson to chase...

This was probably one of the most fun things I've done in awhile, and I will definitely be doing it again - and would recommend it to anyone who is on the fence! It was awesome!

Thank you to Kaitlyn at Wifessionals for putting this together!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jameson's FIRST Birthday!

Jameson's birthday was such a special day. 

Hi Mom!

The day before he had his 12 month well-baby and he was kinda cranky on the day of his party, and wasn't too excited about all of the people. All of the guests had a fabulous time, though!

Bubbles was the theme, however I don't think I got any photographs of all of the bubble fun, just of the Birthday Boy.

Happy Birthday sweet boy!!
(I have a new computer and can't quite figure out iPhoto yet, so no collages, just a few select photographs)

I'm not so sure about this...

Normally Jameson seems to love sweets (like his mama!), but on this day he wasn't overly fond of the icing, or the cake...


But, the ice cream! YES please!!

Messy face
 He pretty much loves anything with wheels and the big truck Pam and Mo gave him was (and still is!) a huge hit.

Loving his trucks 

This photograph pretty much sums up his entire day...

And, I'm spent!
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Monday, October 14, 2013


My sons favorite word right now is "mama" and let's be honest, it melts my heart.

99.9% of the time. There are moments (when I'm trying to use the bathroom, for example) when I wish he'd say "dada!".

My handsome little man

Does that make me a bad mama? I don't think so... I think we all experience mommy guilt from time to time, and I can't help but wonder why.

Why is it that we feel the need to compare ourselves to all of the other mommys in the world? We are all trying so hard to do the best for our children, yet there are moments when we seem to forget that and we judge other moms.

Let's be honest, social media doesn't help things... facebook is really just a hi-light reel for most people, and pinterest gives us the impression that moms everywhere are crafting, cooking and teaching their kiddos with time to spare to workout every day. I truly love both of those social media sites and frequent them, but I think it's important to remember that they have they aren't reality.

In the last year I have realized that happiness can only be found within and through God. These last few months I have been living life with my beautiful children and this blog has taken a back seat. I have been struggling at balancing my family time and my "me time".

Such a beautiful girl
Since I last blogged Jameson turned 1 and we celebrated with close friends and family. He is now 15 months and no, he isn't walking, but he's getting close. He jabbers like crazy and gives the best hugs! He has four teeth on top and two on the bottom and loves to eat (anything, and nearly everything).

We celebrated Abigail's 5th birthday this last weekend, even though she won't officially turn 5 until next weekend. She is becoming an amazing little girl with a beautiful heart. She can do basic addition and can play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on the piano.

Our little family is blossoming and I am enjoying every second of the time we've been spending together. Between soccer games, dance classes, little day trips and snuggling I have been loving the life we are building.

Until next time... hopefully not another 7 months... get out and live life!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

7 months old!?

So I have been awful about blogging lately. No excuses - life has been happening and I've been enjoying it so much! I'm home with Jameson today... He is sick, but doing better today.

Somehow my tiny baby is growing into an adorable little man and I can't get enough of this little guy!

* He has been so smiley and happy lately, almost a completely different baby.

* He started saying "mama" this month and it has melted my heart, even though "dada" was is first word.

* He still wakes about once a night, but he typically goes back to sleep once he has his pacifier back.

* Jameson loves his big sister! She can instantly make him happy and watching them together makes me the happiest mama.

* His infant carrier is his worst enemy. He screams each time he is put in it and only his pacifier will calm him. Sometimes.

* Dinner time is always interesting... It typically starts, and ends, with tears. But, in between he is a very happy boy. Chewing on his spoon is a fun pastime, and he has seemed to really enjoy each food he's tried!

Here are Jameson's 7 month pictures...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Where does time go?

Last week Jameson had his three-month birthday. I took these pictures on the actual date (with my phone, so forgive the quality, I couldn't find our camera), but didn't get them posted because my grandfather passed away.
He was truly an amazing man who I am so honored to have known. About 10 days before he passed away Jordan and I took the kids to Nebraska to see him (Jameson had met him once), and I will forever be grateful for that trip. Grandpa was having a good day and got to hold Jameson and was teasing Abigail, so that was a huge blessing. It's hard, though. And, I know it is going to continue to be hard. It's comforting to know that he is Home. He is in Heaven with Jesus and his father and as Abigail said "even though he isn't here anymore he will be your grandpa forever, mommy". She has had a lot of questions and we have done our best to answer them as truthfully as we can. I will do another post on my grandfather later, as there is so much that I have to say...

Grandpa Joe, Jameson, Ashley

So, month three has brought...

*More sleep ~ his normal bed time is 6-6:30PM and he's been waking, on most days, only once a night, and the night of the 24-25 he slept all night! From 9PM till 5:45AM. {This statement about sleep however, was true up until the night after he turned 3 months, maybe it's a growth spurt? But, he's been up every three hours almost every night since ~ HELP!! Honestly, any advice is welcome here1!}

*I am still swaddling him at night, and he is no longer fighting me at night when I go to wrap him up.

*Lots of babbling ~ he not only smiles and "flirts" but he babbles a lot. It's so fun to hear his little "voice"

My happy guy
*Holding his head up like a champ! I think he was born with really good neck strength, but he has it mastered now and tummy time is welcomed on most days.

*Standing up. This guy does not like to sit to talk. Nope! He will push up every time and gets pretty mad if you don't let him stand.

*A happy guy, most of the day. He has about one really fussy time a day {or at home at least}. Normally right about 5:45, when we're getting ready to take a bath, or getting ready for bed. He likes to be held, and I probably have him spoiled, but he is typically pretty happy most of the day, unless he is tired.

*Lots of love from big sister.
Right ~ On Abby's first day of school; Left ~ wispering "I love you"

Monday, August 27, 2012

Two Months

Jameson was two months old yesterday. I didn't get this post up then because we were picking Jordan up from the airport. He was gone for two weeks, a very long two weeks, for Army stuff, but he's home now, and Abigail and I couldn't be happier!

Top Row ~ all smile!
Bottom Left ~ stretch! Middle ~ pick. me. up. now! Right ~ all these pictures are making me tired!!
Month two has brought...

*More sleep at night. Not last night, but the two nights prior Jameson slept for 6 hours, woke around 2:30am, and then slept for 5 more hours. I remember things like this happening with Abigail sporadically at first and then becoming more regular. He will take about a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon, too. He sleeps best when swaddled. He has to be swaddled to sleep and I'm trying to slowly break this during his nap, because next week when he goes to daycare, he can't be swaddled to sleep (state's rule - nothing but the clothes he is wearing during naps). During the first weeks of Jameson's life Jordan thought swaddling was cruel, he called it his baby straight jacket (we have some wraps that Velcro him in), but he has come around since realizing that he sleeps so well when swaddled!

My baby burrito!
*Less crabbiness. I'm not sure if he is becoming a more efficient eater and is therefore less gassy, but whatever has changed we are welcoming it! He definitely does not cry near as much.

*More smiles!

*Two weeks without daddy. As I previously mentioned Jordan was out of town for a couple weeks this month. It was definitely a change for this momma, as he is a very hands on (and amazing!) daddy. We spent part of the time in Nebraska, which was awesome ~ my family was a huge help!

*Giggles! We have heard a few giggles in the last week or so. He just loves patti cake and smiles and will even laugh, when he plays patti cake.

*Talking to his big sister. He talks to all of us, really, when he is in his happy moods. This is normally right after he's eaten. He'll smile and babble on and on.

*Eating about 4-6oz at a time. I'm am, almost exclusively, nursing. But, about once a week he ends up with a bottle. Today one of those occurrences happened. I dropped him off at the sitter's, so we can all slowly adjust to him being there (mainly Abigail adjust to the rules there, and me adjust to being without him), and he had to have a bottle while I was gone. He drank 6oz ~ what?! I could hardly believe that he downed the entire bottle. Luckily, when we got home, I pumped 7oz, but wow. I don't believe Abigail was eating 6oz at a time until she was 3-4 months. I hope that I can keep up with him when I go back to work, but something tells me we'll be supplementing with formula shortly...

*Two big road trips. July 28th we traveled to Mercer to celebrate cousin Mason's birthday. That trip went fairly smoothly. Jameson got a little fussy towards the end, but we were able to console him for the most part. August 12th we dropped Jordan off at the airport and Abigail, Jameson and I went to Nebraska. That trip wasn't as smooth, but it was at least an hour longer. Overall both kids did great. I stopped in Rockport to feed Jameson and we all had a bathroom break, but when we were about 15min from my mom and dad's he decided he was done with his car seat, done with the car, and ready to eat again. The trip home was a little better, however I'm not sure we'll be taking any trips in the next month, unless they are absolutely necessary!

Top Left ~ that smile always gets me! Top Right ~ such a sleepy boy
Bottom Left ~ relaxing and chewing on his hand. Bottom Right ~ holding his head up

*So much love. It's amazing that my baby boy is two months old already, and I'm going back to work next week. Some of you know that when I was pregnant I questioned my ability to "share" my love with another child. Abigail and I have such a special bond (being one-on-one with her for a year while Jordan was deployed will do that to a mom!), and I couldn't imagine being able to love another child like I do her. I knew that somehow it would happen, because it's obvious when I look at my friends with multiple children (and my sister and I) that parents love their children both equally, but part of me was still hesitant about it. Well, I can say that 100% I love this little guy as much as I love Abigail. It is a different love ~ Abigail is a girl, Jameson a boy; Abigail is almost 4, Jameson is just 2 months; and I know it will continue to be different, if nothing else for the reasons previously stated (not to mention two different personalities), but they are both amazing kids. They both have such a large part of my heart and I cannot imagine my life without either of them. It is really crazy for me to think that just two months and two days ago we didn't have this little guy in our lives yet. How quickly things change!